Thursday, 29 March 2012

So What's All This About Then?

This blog marks the start of my transition to full-time photographer - I work full-time at the moment and can't devote enough time to the things I love doing - climbing hills and taking photographs. At the same time I've built up a wealth of experience and it would be churlish - especially when I stop working for somebody else - not to share that.

Ultimately the idea is to make a living from three things: Landscape photography, product photography, and instructional media. Explanations follow...

1) Landscape photography: Probably the same dream as a lot of photographers. Very difficult to make it your bread-and-butter but very rewarding to do.

2) Product photography: It always helps to have a foot in the door - my partner is a jewellerymaker, so initially I'll be  photographing her creations.

3) Instructional media: In other words, DVDs and web videos on how the average person can improve their everyday photography and step up from snapper to hobbyist.

Obviously these three areas will be served by web presences other than this blog in due course, but this is where I'll be charting my progress on a more personal level.

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