Sunday, 16 September 2012

New toys!

So I've taken the plunge... in a few days I'll be taking delivery of a Canon EF-S 10-22mm wide angle zoom lens. Really looking forward to using it as my photography has been trending towards wider and wider shots lately. I've got a holiday in Gozo coming up in a few weeks so it'll get a thorough workout while I'm there - watch this space for the results! I'll also be working up a longer post on the subject of choosing the right lens for your camera and photography style.

Coming to a YouTube channel near you soon...

A few years ago I did a fair bit of product photography for the company I work for - sadly I was forced to give it up due to other demands on my time. The photos I took, however, are getting a new lease of life by forming part of the backdrop for their DVD studio and YouTube channel. They've also got some brief slots each week running DVD edits on Propeller or Information TV so my work is getting shown to Sky customers all over the UK (albeit uncredited and a long way down the EPG!).

I think the pics have come out rather well:

The 'Pencil' setup, middle and right are my shots...
...and the 'Watercolour' setup, all three shots are mine.
The whole process has turned out to be quite useful - it's been interesting to see just how far an image can be pushed in terms of print size. Although these were taken with work's DSLR and kit lens, it's not exactly top of the line gear and is also getting on a bit so the images weren't that huge. Personally I was quite worried that the specs from the print house were too demanding - a full size image, .tif format, at 600dpi - but the hardest part was finding large enough media to store the pictures on! We ended up using one DVD per picture.

So the short conclusion is that I'm a lot more confident about enlarging some of my own images to the kind of size I'd always imagined when composing the shots in the first place. That's another piece of the puzzle in place!