Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Movement at last, lights in the sky, and microfocus adjustment

After a lot of hard work, endless image resizing, and staring at the wall wondering how people write about themselves, I've finally got my website up and running - here it is (fanfare please): 

In other news I've been approached for some video work, and I'm firming up some plans to hit Scotland in October to hopefully get some shots of the Aurora during the solar maximum - weather permitting of course, which could be interesting in Scotland! 

I'm also closing in on what I'd like to do with the shots of the White Peak that I'm slowly accumulating - the obvious route is a coffee table book of some kind and a gallery exhibition but I've got a few ideas that could make things a little different. Of course, ideas are completely different to reality so it will be interesting - and useful for future reference - to see how the things-sticking-out-of-the-ground-in-Derbyshire project evolves.

I've finally got round to adjusting the focus on the 7D, and I can safely say that if you own a 7D and haven't done this, drop whatever you're doing and get adjusting! I found a significant difference in focus points between the three lenses I use the most, and a quick trip to some local woods after adjustment yielded some vastly improved results. If it seems a bit daunting there are plenty of tutorials on the web that describe the process far better than I can.

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