Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ardnamurchan Update

Not a lot here of any great substance - I just thought I'd give the mobile version of Blogger a real world test while there's a semi-decent mobile signal. It's been a cloudy few days so far, but with a decent cloud base that's good news as the last thing I want is a boring blue sky. There's been some decent photos already, and lots of potentially useful footage - although I'd come here with a vague idea of what I wanted to do, my ideas are firming up as my shooting style moulds itself to the locations.

It's all been local to Kilchoan and car-based so far, but tomorrow we're off hiking to an abandoned village in the ancient volcanic crater here. Hopefully it'll be as atmospheric as it sounds...

Speaking of the atmosphere, I don't think we'll have much luck with the aurora as the solar maximum has very inconsiderately turned into a solar minimum, but there's a couple of clear nights forecast so I'll at least get some star shots in the bag.

I should probably mention, after all that, that this is also a great holiday, and I could quite happily sit here on the sofa all week drinking coffee and watching the clouds drift around the summit of Ben Hiant without taking a single photo... I either need a big photo contract or a lottery win so that I can move up here permanently!

I've attached a really rubbish phone picture to this post (the ancient laptop that I'm using as a memory card dump can't read the RAW files off the 7D) to give you a rough idea...

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