Thursday, 3 October 2013

Away for a week, and more whittling on about equipment

I'll be unavailable from this Saturday (October 5th) until the following Sunday, the 13th, as the Scotland trip I've been building up to for a while is upon me. I'm looking forward to a week of filming, photographing and getting rained on while tramping round the Ardnamurchan peninsula. Hopefully I've missed the worst of the weather - I've just read that my usual route to the highlands, the A83 to Oban over Rest And Be Thankful, is blocked by a series of landslips caused by heavy rain.

I've been working with a friend who knows his way around the inside of a computer over the past couple of weeks, thrashing out the spec and then building my ideal editing PC (and, if we're honest here, gaming rig as well). I've also signed up to Adobe's Creative Cloud so when I come back I can't say I don't have the tools to do the footage justice - I just have to get it right in the camera first time otherwise I'm looking at a 500-mile round trip to get any replacement footage. I can't really see that happening though because one of the good things about Scotland is that it's incredibly beautiful and photogenic even in the worst weather.

Speaking of equipment, my 7D came back from Lehmann's in Stoke in full working order. Got to say I'm impressed - the work was done relatively quickly, and came in at the bottom end of their quote. Hopefully the 7D doesn't do any more lemming impressions but if it does I know where to take it.

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