Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Back in the flatlands...

I'm back from Scotland after a fantastic week, the weather broke halfway through the week and I had a day of interesting clouds before the completely blue skies moved in. I've got some nice video and, more importantly, a decent handful of photos that I consider to be up to scratch. I'm still working on them (just some cropping I think, plus a lighthouse that needs to be a lot more vertical than it is!) but here's a quick preview:

What's interesting to me is that I've come back with a lot of landscape format shots - in the past I've always been a lot more inclined to go portrait. It'll be interesting to see over time if this is a shift in my personal style or a reaction to the locations I was shooting in.

As an aside this is my first serious batch of shots processed in Lightroom CC - and I'm impressed. A very slick piece of software and a lot more versatile than Aperture.


  1. Interesting that you have decided to go more landscape, it is a habit of mine to only do landscape shots unless I really have to do portrait. I think it comes from video editing and the desire to fill the screen. Great photos Ed, even the one of the one that you took in Piza. :)

  2. I was pretty video-focussed on this trip so you may have hit the nail on the head there. And trust me, the Leaning Tower of Ardnamurchan won't be leaning for much longer - one of the perils of wide-angle lenses there...