Sunday, 9 February 2014

Site Revamp

I've spent the last couple of days tweaking my website - a few things are changing and it needs to reflect that.

Firstly, I'm dropping most video references - my heart's in photography and the video side of things means that I'm spreading myself too thin. I'm not giving up on video entirely, I'd be an idiot to ignore that side of my skills, but at the moment, photography is more important to me.

Secondly, my photographic style is evolving. I'm taking a lot more colour shots, playing with weather more, and generally being a bit more dynamic about things. I want the website to reflect that so I've gone for a frontpage that shows that off a bit.

There's a still some tweaking to do - I'm not happy with the drop-in code for social media sharing/following - the results are clunky and I need to find a workaround in terms of positioning. That's the downside of working with a template - whilst I save a lot of time compared to coding my site from scratch, I have to fit certain things around somebody else's design and that's not always the best solution. But in general the site looks a lot better, streamlined and slick. And in terms of functionality it should be easier to navigate, and when I start selling, the shopping side of things will be easier to integrate.

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