Sunday, 19 October 2014

Prints now available from the website... at last!

At long last, and after a lot of messing around with print profiles and suchlike, I've found a printer that I'm happy with and am pleased to be able to say that my website is now also an online store.

To keep things simple for the time being, it's mainly unframed and unmounted prints for sale. I'm not offering any framed or mounted prints other than Canvatex, which is a sort of hybrid between a studio block and a canvas. The reason is simple: if I listed every type of frame and mount available, navigating the website would be a nightmare of biblical proportions. Also, the choice of frame/substrate is such a personal choice, dependant on decor, lighting, personal taste and so on, that I think it would do the prints justice if the customer handled that end of things. Having said that, if somebody has a specific requirement I'm happy to fulfil it at my end if that's what the customer wants.

Of course that's just a starting point; if I find over time that there's a demand for certain things, I'll include them as options in the store.

In other news, my collection of film cameras continues to expand, slightly unintentionally, starting with a quick purchase of a 1966 Canon FT QL for the vast sum of £16 on eBay. This was to replace my Canon AV-1 which can't be operated in a fully-manual mode. A few days later, and completely unplanned, I had a chance to acquire a Bronica ETR-si medium format camera, which is a seriously nice piece of equipment. I simply couldn't turn down the offer so I've ended up with two 'new' cameras in the space of a few days.

I'm shooting with both at the moment - the FT QL lives in my car, while the Bronica is part of my landscape kit alongside the EOS - plus there's still a film in my Canon AV-1 to get through. It shouldn't be too long before the darkroom's up and running and whilst shooting on film is strictly hobby photography at the moment, I'm already beginning to think that it would be nice to split my store into sections for digital prints and darkroom prints.

I'm putting together a more comprehensive post exploring the difference between shooting digitally and on film for the near future - I should have it posted fairly soon as long as I don't use up all my spare time accidentally buying even more cameras...